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Wall-to-Wall Carpets
Residential & Commercial

We have a huge inventory of your favorite carpet selections
From oriental rugs to office runners and commercial carpeting, we have it all!
Come to our showroom located in Queens, NY and see for yourself our vast inventory of colors, patterns and shapes in carpets for any need you may have for both your home or office. 
Same Day* Carpet & Rugs Delivery and Installation
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Area Rugs

Characteristics and Benefits

Nowadays technology and processing means that your flooring options are better than ever, with a variety of colors, patterns and textures available in every material.

Carpets are one of the top selections for flooring because of its flexible options and affordability. 

  • Is the top flooring choice because of its soundproofing features

  • Could it lower energy bills due to insulation properties

  • Is comfortable for bare feet and creates that cozy, right-at-home feeling

  • Cushions accident falls in homes with babies and/or seniors

  • Offers a style flexibility with countless available patterns, colors and styles

  • Is affordable

  • Covers uneven subfloors and adjusts to uneven walls easily

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Residential - Commercial - Industrial
Ask for Wholesale Discounts!
Eli Eli Carpet - Synthetic Lawn Backyard
Eli Eli Carpet - Synthetic Lawn Backyard 01
Artificial Lawn Carpet - Backyard
* Some restrictions apply. Call us for more info.


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Commercial Carpeting

Custom-Made Stairs Carpeting and Bonding
Custom Stairs Carpet and Bonding
Custom Stairs Carpet and Bonding
Custom Stairs Carpet and Bonding
Custom Stairs Carpet and Bonding
Eli & Eli Full Carpets
Commercial Carpet Service
Eli and Eli  Carpet - Commercial Carpet Square Samples
Eli and Eli  Carpet - Carpet Sampler Squares
Eli & Eli Carpets
Eli and Eli  Carpet - Carpet Square Samples 08.jpg
Eli  Carpet - Rolls
Eli Carpet - Area Rugs
Eli Carpet - Area Rugs
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