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Floor Sanding & Polishing

Your hardwood floor has become dull and discolored.


Floor sanding removes the previous layer of coating, which is the first step on any refinishing project. Once the previous layer of finish has been removed, the wood itself is sanded and smoothed. The floor can then be either stained or just sealed with a natural finish, then new finish coats.

When your project needs to stain or change the color of your hardwood floors, you should fully sand and refinish all the surface. If you don't sand the floors first, the stain won't properly penetrate the hardwood nor will the polyurethane properly adhere. This is the only way to change the color of your hardwood floors.

We can get your hardwood floor back to its old self with hardwood floor sanding and refinishing. We will bring out the beauty of the hardwood’s natural grain and brilliant color.

Sanding and Refinishing Gives Your Hardwood Floors Another Year to Live

Although hardwood floors have a long lifespan, they start to show signs of wear and tear after 20 years or more. Whether they exist for another year or continue to degrade to the point they need to be replaced, depends on you.

Floor Sanding and Polishing
Floor Sanding and Polishing

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