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Area Rugs

Area Rugs

Area Rug Types​

  • Flatweaves type

Flat-woven area rugs have no fibers that stick up, and are more easy to clean and good for residential or commercial large high-traffic areas. Flat-woven rugs work best in kitchens or dining rooms. The softer types of these rugs can work in bedrooms as well. They don't catch as much dirt as other rugs, and they’re easy to vacuum. This type is a good option if you’re looking for an affordable rug.​

Flatwoven rug.jpg
  • Low pile

These area rugs usually have fibers a little bit higher than the others (about 1/4" more) and provide more cushioning than a flatweave type, but are still easy to clean. They are flat and supportive but also provides more cushioning than a flatweave rug. This type of area rugs work well in kids rooms, they are commonly found in schools.​

Low Pile Carpet.png
  • ​Medium to high pile

These are area rugs more cushioned with fibers between ¼” - ½” (medium pile) to over ½” (high pile). Considered medium pile area rugs are rugs with fibers bigger than a quarter inch, while those over a half inch are high pile rugs; those taller than three-quarters of an inch are considered plush or shag.​

Medium Pile Carpets.jpg
  • Plush or shag

These area rugs have fibers longer than ¾” and are considered plush or shag with an added plush cushioning, but will be a little bit harder to clean. They have a more comfortable surface, and they are great for bedrooms, a living rooms, or an area where babies and kids might crawl around, a great comfort for the touch, however, they are harder to clean.

Plush Shag Rug.jpg
Area Rugs
Area Rug
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Area Rug

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